Denis Barriault M. Denis Barriault
Founding president

Sustained growth
since its foundation in 1987

We have grown in the field of damage assessment emphasizing our attention to detail in each of the files entrusted to us. Our customer approach is flexible as we adapt our work according to the needs and rigorous business regulations. Significant investments have been made to provide our team with the necessary equipment and mobile applications.

At Groupe Denis Barriault we do not work in response to technological innovations, we conceive our own systems and applications to priorities the needs of customers and flourish as leaders in the damage assessment field.

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A well-done assessment requires having at its disposal the necessary tools to verify the technical and mechanical information at the source to administer documentation for the experts involved.

Assessment Services Offered


We acquired businesses in the field of assessment in Quebec City, Gaspésie, Outaouais and Saguenay - Lac Saint-Jean

Territory served


The technological innovations of our computer system, continuous training of our expert evaluators and our ability to act promptly according to the criteria required by the insurer are determining factors of our growth.

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Groupe Denis Barriault